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  • Group of diseases with defects in ability to produce and/or use insulin
  • Causes high blood glucose
  • Results in damage to heart and blood vessels, eyes, kidneys and nerves
  • Cuts in skin heal slowly and lead to diabetic wounds

> 382 Million around the world
> 65 Million in India
> 98 million in China
> 24 million in the US

By 2030, > 552 million
> 101 Million in India
> 130 Million in China
> 30 million in the US

Cost of Treatment

  • 11% of total healthcare costs, $456 Billion in US
  • 80% live in low- or middle-income countries, often with no health insurance
  • Patients and families often bear complete cost
  • A significant long-term burden on quality of life for the family and community unit
  • Greatest impact on rural poor because of limiting economic resources and inadequate access to quality healthcare delivery systems