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Mend Therapeutics is assembling a diverse coalition of partners willing to engage in a progressive and effective model of healthcare innovation.

Pharma and biotech companies: Expertise and capabilities, donations and philanthropy, commercialization partner for MEND assets, out-licensing opportunities for MEND pipeline, partnering opportunities for complementary diabetes medicines, supplements and devices

Government Sponsors: Grants, sponsorship, volunteerism, interagency partnership, data access, product distribution channels, product subsidies/support

Non-Profit Organization: partnering opportunities for initiatives and projects, co-branding opportunities, grants, volunteers, expertise, data banks/registries

Large Foundations: Grants, volunteers, expertise, data banks/registries, global reach, product distribution channels

Academic Institutions: content and business experts, venture and donations, partnering opportunities for initiatives and projects (e.g., drug discovery)

Individual Contributors and Supporters: Donations, event volunteerism, sharing of ideas, personal experiences and stories, advocacy, ambassadorships, advertisement and promotion, company internships

Pharma & Biotech Companies
Government Sponsors
Non-Profit Organizations
Individual Contributors and Supporters
Academic Institutions
Large Foundations
For reaching the widest possible corners of human populations, MEND intends to develop socially conscious partnership models for Patient education as well as early and effective treatments.

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